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I am EGOD and this is my story.


While you have all heard of Doge, that do-gooding mutt that Elon is in love with, few have heard of me, EGOD.  I am the discarded, long lost brother of Doge.  


As a pup I was separated from my brother.  While he got to live a life of luxury and admiration, I was left to roam the mean streets of Tokyo begging from scraps and doing unspeakable things just to survive.  I’ve licked peanut butter from places you can only imagine just for a single dog treat. 

EDOGE LOGO_edited.png
EDOGE LOGO_edited.png

As time went by I became more bitter about my brother’s success.  Why should he get all the love and praise, am I not a good boy too?  Well maybe I’m not a good boy, maybe I’m evil and this life is my punishment…  


Well if the world wants Evil then that’s what the world will get!  


And so Evil Doge was born.  My mission:  To destroy Doge and take his throne.   Then to take over the world!  Join me… or be destroyed!  The choice is yours.












My Evil Contract has the option to change the Tax Rate, but is hard-coded to not allow higher than 6% - Maybe I'll reduce it.. maybe I won't.. muahahaha... come find out!



NFT 1.png
NFT 3.png
NFT 2.png

Our first major release is the Evil Doge NFT Collection.  666 NFT will be available to mint!

5% of the Total Supply of the Edoge Token is being reserved for NFT Holders.  They can claim the rewards at anytime, or leave them unclaimed to add extra value to the NFT.

  • Limited 666 Supply

  • Edoge Token Claim for Holders (50000000 Tokens for each NFT)

  • All sale proceeds and NFT fees used for Token Buybacks and Burns

  • Future NFT Staking for even more Edoge Rewards

  • More exciting utility to be announced



Evil Doge intends to be a Multi-Chain, Multi-CEX, Crypto.

This will achieve the largest possible reach for Evil Doge and help us to steal Doge's crown!

I will start by building an Army on Telegram and Twitter.

Once our numbers grow we will expand to Discord.

I will recruit henchmen (influencers) to help spread the word and recruit more loyal foot soldiers.

Our first major release will the Evil Doge NFT Collection.

The World Will Never Be The Same!

EDOGE LOGO_edited.png
My project-1 (25)_edited.png
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